Salesforce Economy to create 4.2 million jobs

  • November 4, 2019
  • Owen Hughes

With Dreamforce around the corner the Salesforce PR machine is gearing up and have released their latest article. If you have read Salesforce’s earlier articles on the Salesforce Economy, you will see that this one goes to a new level and makes for some incredibe reading. Whilst the figures quoted are eye-wateringly high, on reflection they are logically achievable.

Salesforce are suggesting that recent research shows that their “Economy” will create 4.3 million jobs

over the coming five years. Whilst these jobs will not be created by Salesforce itself, such is the growing influence of the world’s leading CRM platform that numerous businesses have been founded and developed around the platform and these are growing as more businesses not only see the benefit of a single, integrate customer-centric system, but see the value that Salesforce and the Salesforce ecosystem can add to their business.

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With mobile technology driving much of the development across many different technologies, the Salesforce economy is no different. Mobile devices and increased bandwidth are allowing businesses to operate their systems from anywhere meaning they can improve productivity and efficiency. With Salesforce the process is continually evolving and, as more businesses use the platform, so the demands for greater functionality increase leading to an ongoing virtuous cycle of innovation and growth.

With this growth in jobs also comes a predicted growth in new business across the economy in excess of $1 Trillion, big numbers indeed. What is clear is that even if these numbers were not achieved in the next five years, the impact on the technology sector will be massive and will develop the Salesforce ecosystem into an industry in its own right.

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