Salesforce helps in drive to reduce your Carbon Footprint

  • March 17, 2020
  • Steven Fouracre

Our impact on the climate over the past 100 years has been catastrophic and we are only now waking up to what we need to do to halt the change. Thankfully most businesses, small and large are looking at ways they can help, Salesforce is no different.

They recently announced the release of “Sustainability Cloud” that streamlines the information needed to confirm and audit what your carbon footprint is. As from December 17th 2019 any existing user who has a Sustainability Cloud Licence will now be able to solve many of the issues with traditional carbon accounting, such as

  • incomplete or missing records,
  • manual data tracking in multiple spreadsheets,
  • unstructured data.

Data collection and auditing activities that once took months can be reduced to weeks allowing organisations to see exactly what their footprint is and identify how they can actively change their activity to ensure they are minimising their impact on the environment.

The environmental impact will become increasingly important in the purchasing decision of all organisations as consumers become more aware and conscious of the changes.

Over the coming years every business will become accountable for their carbon footprint as we all look to minimise the impact we have on the environment and it will be essential to be able to calculate your footprint effectively and quickly.

Find out more about Sustainability Cloud here or to understand how it can be deployed and used to benefit your organisation contact us.