We build great apps for you

We deliver an engaging digital experience

We make apps intelligent and connected

We implement your apps for your clients

We deliver a white-glove service experience

Our Services

Product Development Outsourcing (PDO)

Full Software Lifecycle
From design to delivery Metacube uses our 15 years of best-practice PDO experience to build your products with the greatest quality and care. Ask us about short iterations, continuous builds, test driven development and component based architecture.

Design and Build Web & Mobile Apps

Engaging Digital Experience
We are a PDO Partner; building mobile and web apps is what we do. Onshore we will work with your roadmap, designing with you an Engaging Digital Experience, while offshore we will provide agile development and delivery.


Multi-platform expertise
We have helped multiple clients with re-platforming. Move a product / app from one platform to another, extend to multiple platforms or move part of a product to a different platform, such as e-commerce elements from to Heroku.

Integrations, Migrations & Automation (AI)

Intelligent Inter-connected Apps
We have an AI practice working actively with machine learning, natural language processing and chat/web bots. We can integrate and migrate your data sources (eg with Mulesoft), then use AI to make sense of the data and simplify the user experience.

Quality Assurance, Testing & Automation

From Testing to Automation
We embed QA at the heart of our entire development process and, where possible, we implement automated testing and regression as a continuous process. Many clients start by outsourcing their QA to us.

Implementation & Team Augmentation

Supporting your growth
If you want to accelerate your product delivery by increasing your team, we can simply augment your existing team. Or we can help you grow by developing expertise in your products and implementing them for your clients.

Support, Training & Skill Development

Maintaining a healthy product
From reactive support to proactive maintenance and small change management, Metacube services teams are available to help you and your customers. We can augment your own team and help your own staff development.

Strategy, Architecture & Design

Thought leadership, face to face
While we utilise our own offshore team to build, deliver and maintain your product, we are onshore to work face to face with you through strategy, analysis, architecture, design and management.

Technology Expertise

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400+ Strong Salesforce Team

Over 10K Badges

Over 200 Certified Salesforce professionals

9+ CSAT Score

Customer Comments

“Metacube has a can do attitude, and is willing to put every efforts to satisfy customer’s need. A great partner to work with.”

– Workday

“Deep knowledge in Salesforce, great execution, and overall excellent partner! We see Metacube as a valuable extension of our team.”


“We are working with Metacube in different projects. They are exceptionally dedicated in meeting timelines, well organized for international projects in teams and provide excellent salesforce development.”

– Mirage Systems (Germany)

“Forget any preconceived notions you might have about working with an offshore team. The Metacube team will exceed your expectations and will bring all their knowledge, expertise and skills to your project, delighting you with the results.”

– Point-of-Reference

Our long standing relationship with Metacube as a software vendor has been characterised by high quality, professionalism and delivery. Our experience is underpinned by trust and respect and it is a pleasure to work with the organisation.

– Financialforce
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Design & Development of ISV apps. Development & configuration of Salesforce.

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ISV packaging

Management of your namespace and packaging. Taking apps through Security review.

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Building secure, scalable, beautiful looking mobile apps, connected and offline.

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Using Mulesoft and other technologies to integrate disparate systems and data.

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Lead to Cash

Integrating, configuring and customising Salesforce and ISV Apps to deliver Lead to Cash.

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Agile Delivery

Agile is at the heart of how we work, whether clients are experienced or new adopters.

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Intelligent Design

Applying AI methods such as machine learning, NLP and bots to deliver an intelligent UI.

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Building scalable, high- performance apps on Heroku connected with Salesforce.

More than Salesforce

Non-Salesforce technology. E.g. Azure, AWS, IOS, Android, Node, Angular, Python, Swift & Ionic

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  • Salesforce PDO & Silver Consulting Partner.
  • Trading since 2004, Global client base.
  • 700+ strong technology team.
  • 400+ strong Salesforce team, 10 years experience.
  • Engaged, technical leadership team.
  • Learning and learnability at the heart of every role.
  • Single digit attrition; many original members.
  • Social Responsibility is at the heart of our business.

Who We Are

At heart we are a Product Development company that serves the ISV community by removing much of the overhead of running product development, allowing our clients to focus on building their brand, establishing their markets and building their product roadmap. 60% of our business is focussed on Salesforce and the rest on other technologies because we try to use the right technology to resolve each client’s requirements. With our broad and deep experience we are asked by end-clients to implement and integrate ISV apps, develop bespoke software solutions for their businesses and to implement and support Salesforce. We have clients across the globe from start-ups to fortune 500. Each client is unique and we tailor our services to each client, often with a dedicated team.

David Fordham

CEO Metacube Europe

We are trusted to build products for our innovative customers. It is our knowledge, expertise, quality and genuine care that build and maintain this level of trust. Nurturing these qualities continuously is our strength.

Keshav Sharma


We stress on building long term win-win relationships with both our customers and employees, as opposed to short term transaction oriented engagements.

Parijat Agarwal


In order to succeed in the IT industry a company has to be either an innovation leader or a low-cost leader, Metacube has committed to be an innovation leader by choosing the partners we work with.