Tier1 Names Metacube a Certified Development Partner

  • September 6, 2019
  • Owen Hughes

We have, in recent months, been discussing the benefits of a PDO helping ISV’s deliver their go to market strategy and enhancing both the resource and skills of the ISV, enabling them to deliver high quality solutions for their clients.

There is nothing better than seeing this in practice and in particular when a long-standing client reinforces this message. This week Tier1 Financial Solutions, a leading global relationship management technology provider for financial services, has named Metacube as a certified development partner, as well as a sponsor of their Capital Markets Lounge at Dreamforce 2019, an exclusive hub for markets and banking professionals.

Metacube has been supporting Tier1 for over seven years and has delivered the type of support that we believe a genuine PDO should. Our appointment as a certified development partner is not just confirmation of the relationship with Tier1 but is also a great example of what can be achieved when two organisations combine their individual strengths to deliver incredible solutions.

Tier1 has recently released a press release detailing the announcement and this comes as we prepare to host a discussion at the ISV Meetup next week around the challenges that ISV’s face in implementing their go to market strategies.

You can read the full release here but the quote from Tier1’s CEO and co-founder Mark Notten highlights what the relationship should be between and ISV and a PDO

“Our strategic partnership with Metacube is based on trust and consistency, which they have showcased through their commitment to quality and excellence,”

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