Growing Pains of an ISV

Point of Reference – Capitalizing on high value Customer Relationships

  • April 22, 2020
  • Owen Hughes

Point of Reference (PoR) provides a full complement of customer reference program services to organizations determined to cultivate and capitalize on high value customer relationships. With Point of Reference, clients can finally orchestrate coordinated customer reference activities, inject customer references into sales and marketing opportunities with less time and hassle, and build a library of 24/7 available customer references to end burn-out.

PoR focused on key verticals including healthcare and needed to ensure that all their clients could get the maximum value from their solutions. To do this they needed to be integrated with Salesforce. To begin with, PoR had to answer the question “was the solution full integration with Salesforce or a fully integrated app?”

For PoR, the challenge was how to develop the app within a reasonable timescale from a position where they didn’t have the necessary resource and expertise without recruiting. They also had to decide whether to have existing php systems in place wrapped in APIs and then create the UI in Salesforce which connects to legacy system via these APIs or alternatively create the application completely inside the Salesforce environment and do away with legacy system – a longer development process but with improved sustainable returns.

PoR looked at many different options but ultimately decided to work with Metacube to deliver thesolution. To find out more about how Metacube helped PoR deliver the solution click here.

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