Growing Pains of an ISV

Improve performance with an External Team

  • January 14, 2020
  • Owen Hughes

With the New Year underway and the UK and Europe set for significant changes in 2020, it is important for every organisation to have the right team and structure in place to maximise opportunities as well as overcome the challenges that the year will bring.

Last year we discussed the importance of implementing the right Agile methodology and having the right team in place to do that. This can bring with it its own challenges, what skills are needed and where do we get these skills? In addition, you may well be thinking that we will only need some of this resource for a relatively short term so do not want to recruit full time staff which, historically would lead to consultant contracts, often at a high cost.

With the changes that are about to occur across Europe these requirements will only be more relevant and organizations will have to look at non-traditional ways to deliver projects whilst staying competitive. This is where the Metacube model will deliver both high quality on-site project delivery and increased return on investment for your business by using our remote teams. Our technical and business skills and knowledge put us in an enviable position, as a genuine PDO, our focus has always been to provide a flexible resource for our clients, adding value with significant business knowledge to support the development and project management skills. Whilst we have a structured approach, we also adapt our support to suit the individual needs of each organization and project. 

To find out how we can help your organisation not just overcome the challenges you may have but deliver a flexible, business efficient end result, contact us.