Growing Pains of an ISV

Financial Force: Empowering Customer-Centric Business Views with Salesforce

  • April 14, 2020
  • Owen Hughes

Built on the Salesforce Platform, FinancialForce is the only ERP that gives a complete, customer-centric view of a business. It enables an organisation to align sales, services and finance teams around a single customer record. FinancialForce ERP has also emerged as the number one professional services automation solution. The solution has been listed on the App Exchange for more than a decade.

After achieving initial success in the market, FinancialForce had aggressive plans to enhance its solutions across multiple dimensions and emerge as a dominant ERP in the Salesforce ecosystem. It needed to grow the size of the engineering team significantly and required talent that had proven Salesforce and product engineering skills. As an ideal situation, they also wanted the flexibility to grow or shrink the team depending on where they were in the product life cycle. However, the only way to achieve this in a traditional model would be to use consultants, which would require a significant level of expenditure.

FinancialForce had acquired the very initial version of their professional services automation solution from Appirio. Appirio was already using Metacube as part of their engineering team and gave excellent feedback about them to Financialforce. Financialforce subsequently decided to experiment with a small team of six engineers in Metacube to evaluate the effectiveness of leveraging a remote team in India.

Following the success of the initial project Financialforce looked to expand the role of Metacube to allow them to further grow without additional overheads. To find out how the relationship between Financialforce and Metacube has developed and how Metacube have enabled Financialforce to continue their growth read more here.

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