Experience the Ultimate Dreamforce: Learn, Enjoy, and Give Back

  • October 15, 2019
  • Owen Hughes

“Experience the Ultimate Dreamforce: Learn, Enjoy, and Give Back.”

Dreamforce has grown into so much more than a conference — it’s an experience like no other.” That is what the website says and it is shaping up to achieve this goal.

There will be plenty of the normal activities, workshops, keynote speakers and expert insight, but really makes this event stand out from any other is that everyone there has an interest in getting the most out of Salesforce. Rather than seeing delegates who are there because they have to be there, everyone is genuinely there to learn.

What is exciting us is the opportunity to learn about the new products and the roadmap for new products over the coming year. Not only will we find out what these are, but we get the chance to discuss with Salesforce and their partners and will come away from a clear understanding of how we can use these developments in our work. With over 2,700 breakout sessions on topics ranging from “Imperatives for Digital Transformation” to “10 ways to get Creative with Lightning Components” there is something for everyone.

Dreamforce is not about work, but about sharing experiences with friends and colleagues and enjoying the time there at some incredible parties and most importantly it is about giving back to the community. Salesforce believe that over the years Dreamforce has raised over $73 million to support various projects in the community and this year their focus is on raising fund to support the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

So, not only will you be able to learn an incredible amount and discuss your needs with Salesforce and their partners, you will be able to enjoy your time and all knowing you are helping those who most need it.

We’ll be there so if you want to find out what a genuine PDO can do to help you develop your business come and find us on booth 1535 at Dreamforce.